Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buying my own domain

Well, this coming November, this blog will be 1 year old. This is my first and original blog. As a gift to it, I am planning to buy my own domain name. I don't know what good would it bring having my own domain name for this blog, its just that I love this blog so much.
Anyone there knows the benefit of having your own domain name beside a name of its own? I just wonder what would happen if someone type mall-of-earnings.blogspot.com.
Stupid question isn't it? But then, it's good to ask.


Making an Extra Money said...

If you have your own domain then people will see that you are serious and professional.

Just buy a domain and still host it on blogspot. Blogger will redirect it to your new domain if someone click your old blogspot url.

If you want to know about the process, check out my post about it.



Michael Aulia said...

I'd suggest to host it on your own. If your blog is "owned" by Google / Blogger, something happens to it or if your account gets terminated, your whole life (your blog) goes down with you :)