Tuesday, January 29, 2008

REFLECTIONS: We always have a choice

Have you ever wonder why certain things happen in your life? Why you meet certain people? Why you're in certain situations?
Do you believe that in life, everything is destined to happen? That we don't have a choice?

A number of times, I heard from some friends that they believe that if something happens... it's destined to be... and we cant really choose in life. When a man leaves his family for another woman, it is destined to happen and he should not be blamed for it? Can we really make use of it as a very good excuse for the things that we do regardless if it's right or wrong?

Honestly,I don't agree.

Well,I speak for myself... For me destiny is just a game planned long before all of us were born. Life for me is like a big maze...a big maze of doors. Wherein we choose which door to open and which is not. In every door that we open, another phase of our life is opened. Things will happen as the result of our choice... until such time that we need to open another door to continue our journey. The only rule is we cannot go back. One decision leads to another...and to another. Along the way, we may meet people who like us... is trying to find the doors that will lead them to the right path, to a happy and successful life. They may become our friends... colleagues and may even come with us and be our partners in life. We do not know what is behind with every door. Our choice depends on what we believe is behind it. Some are lucky, some are not... depending on how we choose which door to open.
We die differently... just like we exit the maze on different doors in different time.

-Destiny is the maze... already exist just before I was born...
but the way I will pass that maze...
it is by choice- (lucky_witch)

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