Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reflections:Your Chosen one?

Are you married? If yes, did you ever asked yourself why on earth did you get married? Did you loose your sanity by giving up your freedom and entering a life full of responsibility for just one man/woman… while the world has to offer you a hundred men/women better and greater than your wife/husband?

Funny isn’t it? Why do we have to tie ourselves in just one commitment with a man/woman while in fact we could enjoy life better without it?

Me? Yes actually I am one of those who lost their sanity… though my life has been complicated being committed… I never regret having a family at all. Why? Because with my man and kids, I find my worth. My life has more meaning… my life has more direction… my life has never been the same…

…the roads having a family is never that easy… It has never been stable… I had and I lost…. I was cheated… been left behind… but if you trust God… you will know that HE has HIS own way… HE will lead you to something far better than you expected… you just have to trust and believe in HIM. HE has a better plan… just put your trust in HIM. The answer is unclear... but believe me... your faith in HIM will bring you somewhere you never expect to be...

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