Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shopping Cart

One of my friend is starting her own business through online selling. I have no doubt that it is a good and wise investment. Since her shop would be visible to all... worldwide. At first she thought that it was easy. But as soon as she was already running her business, problems rushed in. First, what is the method of payment that she would use. Second, how will she make her online store customer friendly and easy to use. And how easy and accessible her items and her site to her prospective customers and clients. She asked me about the things that as a customer, I would be more convince to buy her products. I should know, because I shop online too. I told her that most of the online shop have shopping cart that makes shopping easy and comfortable to me.
We have researched and she found out that can solve her problems. There are millions of software that can be found in the internet, and we have to be careful in choosing one. The software should be easy to use and easy to understand, have a customer friendly features and of course affordable. Those are the things that we have to take into consideration in choosing the right shopping cart software.
Now, we have found a very good software that gives all that we need. If you are interested click here for a free trial

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Bryan said...

Have you thought about OS Commerce? The price is right and can do pretty much everything you can think of.