Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Find happiness with the simplest things

Guess what I gave my best friend on her 18th birthday.
Before her birthday, she was asking me to be one of her 18 symbolic gifts... but I refuse. I said, it's enough that I am on her 18 candles. I know I disappoint her... but my reason is far away serious than she thought. I want my gift to her be very private for both of us... she is my friend... my sister... my critic...all wrapped in one.

Right after the big celebration, when we were finally alone while eating a slice of cake... I decided it was time to give her my very special present.
Wrapped in a simple plastic bag, she took one look at it and was petrified. With questions in her eyes... I took it out and gave her the pot with a rose plant in it. There were tiny buds of roses starting to grow from its stem. Rose is her favorite flower.

I smiled and gave it to her. I said "This plant symbolizes our friendship. Take good care of it and let it grow with our friendship." She smiled back at me and said "You're really a private person" then we both laughed.

Simple but deep... isn't it?.... And our friendship have been such!

We tend to enjoy things with much delight. Surely, we are not like those who eat in a five-star hotel...and go shopping everyday...for two reasons....
First, we couldn't afford them.
Second, we enjoy things in their simplest form.

You too can enjoy things far better than you thought.... Smile!

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maline said...

sweet - truly, it's the thought that counts!hmm, u gave me an idea what to give to a friend! :D