Friday, February 22, 2008

LOVE without pain?

Is it possible to love someone and not be jealous... to love someone and not to care... to love someone and not get hurt?
Is it possible that we love someone and don't care a damn?
Can we say goodbye to someone we love as easy as saying hello?

I just wonder if love can be as simple as companionship... as easy as we count 1...2...3
as ordinary as we eat... as relaxing as we sleep.

Well for me its impossible For love means affection, concern and respect, its giving a piece of yourself... its giving him/her the right to hold your heart...and the power to hurt you. Once you love're into it... no matter how little the things he makes sense to you... it matters... he matters.
When he did something that hurts me... may be intentional or not... but the fact that I love that person... makes it possible for me to feel the pain.
If that someone can't hurt me anymore... if everything he does, whether good or bad does not affect me anymore... it only means he doesn't matter to me ... and if he doesn't matter... how can I say that I love him?

So i guess when the time comes that you feel that you love so much and it doesn't hurt don't care anymore. Think again! Maybe that is the time that you can no longer feel the love anymore... you just dont realize.=)

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Quality Tale said...

Hye friend,

There is no meaning to get love as easy as never gets without pain .... this pain also beautiful to make our future progress...if someone keep concentrating on my words...