Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Comfort Zone

We all have our own unique comfort zone, something we know we are comfortable and safe. It maybe our beliefs, the places we go, our bedroom, our partners, family, children, friends, pets etc...
It is something that is so familiar and comforting.
But what if one day, you realize that you are no longer happy. In spite of the comfort it gives, you notice the emptiness it brings.
Did you ever wish you were in someone else shoes, enjoying the things that once hurt you?

Say... because of being hurt you decided not to fall in love again. You decided not to trust again. To limit yourself because you know that in that way, you wont get hurt.
It is your comfort zone... the one that makes you feel secure. The wall that keeps you away from giving yourself.

Would you leave your comfort zone behind and step into the unknown? Are you willing to gamble and give another shot?

Well, if you will ask me... I DID.
I'm telling you... it is never that easy, so scary and risky.Because there is no assurance that things will turn out fine... so many times that I think of stepping back... I am going to live my life the way I WANT IT TO BE if it doesn't work then at least I've tried.
We have to gamble in order to win. If we don't gamble... we are safe. Neither win nor lose. What good will it make?

The distance between two world is just a strand of hair.Nothing is more scary than the thought of one day... we will look back with regrets in our eyes and the reality that our life would have been better... if we only take the courage to try.
Life is what you make it, don't let others make it for you!

Right now, I know that I made the right decision. Sometimes we have to move on with our life in order to succeed and be happy. Life is too short, just to waste being try... for the things that we know could probably give us a better life.

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