Thursday, April 10, 2008

student loan

In the world today, life is getting harder and harder. Lucky are those who waked up and job is waiting for them since birth. But it is only for those who are rich and with tons of family business. But for the ordinary people...To be able to have a good life in the future, we have to be prepared. We have to prepare ourself, our future, our life. To be able to do that, we have to study. It is our weapon to survive, to be able to be ready, to be able to compete in the fast changing world. I have known a lot of people who reached their dreams because they manage to finish their studies. Holding a degree is one good start for getting a job... Though I may say that it is not an assurance, still it is best to compete with weapons in your hands.

Though some are gifted with money, they can finish their studies without financial problems, there are some who are not. Every parents in the world, I believe...dream of sending their kids to school... give them everything that they need... the best that they could ever have. But not all parents are lucky, not all of them are rich... I have seen a lot of families who due to lack of money... eat once a day. When we study, we have to pay for our tuition fees, we have to buy our things, we have to do our projects... and because of that we need money. If you dont have enough money, you dont have to worry that much. You can apply for a student loan so that your financial problem in paying school fees will be lessen. There are different options you can choose for. Private student loan is available and an option for student loan consolidation.
So... finishing your study is not far from your reach... you can get all the help that you need.


Malaysian Fabric Heritage said...

This should be used only as a last resort. And the student must be committed to use the loan as intended.

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