Tuesday, April 22, 2008

life made easier

In the modern time, we cannot deny the fact that technology made our life a lot easier. .. from a simple telephone to a cellular phone, from a black and white television to a liquid crystal display screen television, from a cassette tape player to a dvd player, from walkman to discman, from a abacus computer to laptop... and a lot more. All is what we call the modern technology. I am one of those who enjoy the benefit of the modern technology. Even in communication... technology affects and should I say, improved a lot. From snail mail to electronic mail. I dont have to put in details, how fast electronic mail is... compared to a snail mail. Distance seems not to be a problem now... talking with our loved ones in abroad is easier and cheaper with the instant messenger.

Even in all kinds of productions, establishments and industries... technology helped a lot. I have researched some technologies that helped small and large companies in coping up with the needs in production. Like in monitoring levels on fluids or bulk materials level switch can be use, other than that... temperature switch and float switch is also one of the most used by modern companies. These switches saved the companies for taking manual check in most of their machines, tanks and product bunkers that needs monitoring.

I guess this is not all. Modern technology affects every single detail in our lives, from a simple house to commercial industries.

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