Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At last!

Its been a while since I last apply for approval in one of the most popular "pay you to post" site...the PayPerPost, luckily this time, I made it! Few months ago, I was rejected (a couple of times) due to different reasons. PayPerPost As I was trying to have a qualified blog for the next few months, I visited every tab that I found in their site. Surprisingly, I realize how this site is helping its members...bloggers and advertisers to reach their full potential. Since then, I told myself that I will have my blog approve one day...and I succeed. The moment that I read my mail from PayPerPost stating that my blog has been approve. believe it or not, I jump with happiness.

When I was new in blogging, I never thought that site like this really exist. I have heard a lot of making moneys through internet, but I never believe. Until one day, I met a friend through forum and told me about PayPerPost...At first I am not interested... but then more and more people told me to try it. There is no harm in trying, and so I did. From then, I realize that it was true. I have some friends who are also members of PayPerPost, and even them, they guarantee that PayPerPost is the best. Now, here I am!

My blog is new and even if I am, I see the potential contribution of PayPerPost to me and my blog in my quest in the blogging world. All the waiting and trying is worthy of what I have right now. So my recommendation is simple... if you guys is not yet a member...why don't you check it out and see for yourself what you are missing in blog advertising opportunity.

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