Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What if...

My daughters are spending their vacation away from me... they are with their grandparents. I decided to let my older daughter bring a cellphone with her... for the convenience of our communication . Their grandmother is working everyday, their grandfather stays at the farm all day...and they will be left at home with a nanny.

So,I think that it is the best thing to do. I don't know their nanny well...and I guess if there will be a problem, my daughters can easily contact me or their grandparents.
I also asked my daughter to write my cellphone number in a whole sheet of paper so she can memorize my number. Just in case anything would happen, with or without her cellphone, she can contact me or ask somebody to contact me.

This is a reality based topic, I think any parents should consider. Our kids should know their name, their address or at least telephone numbers just in case they get lost. I have seen a lot of missing people especially children, posted on newspaper or along the post area of a community. We could if not stop, at least minimize situations like this, if we would think of possibilities taht is possible to happen...and do something about it.

I have seen some who put Identification tags with their toddlers... because at their age it is too impossible to make them memorize their address or telephone numbers. I think it is a great idea. If they get lost while in the crowd, or while roaming around the mall...the finder would know where to bring the child or whom to call.

One thing more, most of us bring cellphone with us. I think it's better if we would place, not only a particular name of a person to contact just in case something happened to us, but also our relationship with least on the top of our phone book so that there would be no need to scan the whole phone book. We are saving numbers of name in our phone book, and it is hard for others to figure out who's to call if something happened to us. So it is better if on the top of our phone book... instead of a name, we could write for example Arthur,my husband or A Belina, my mother...(A is used so that the name would be on top of all, just in case the name doesn't start with A...most phone book is alphabetically arranged).

Simple, but it will make a lot of difference in case of emergency

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