Monday, February 11, 2008

How much do you know yourself?

Well, often it happens... that I ask if I really know myself. What I like, what I want to be, how will I response in certain situations, what would really make me mad etc... And most of the time when I asked myself, I realize that maybe I do not know myself very well.(Come to think of it!!!)
Well, I am a simple woman...and mother ( as far as I know). I know my name and my age. (of course!) But in a deeper sense, I am actually a stranger from myself. I thought that I am weak... I thought that I can't manage to live on my own. but when problems came rushing in, and I have to live on my own... I managed to survive. ( I feel like granny after that) I was surprised to know another side of me.
I have lots of regrets ( what the hell happened to me to do such things) and sometimes,
it makes me wonder, how will we know ourselves better. Is there any way we can predict and totally control our emotions? If we can then maybe, we will know the certain aspects where we will commit mistakes. (for sure there will be less single moms out there...geez!)

Now, that I am a little bit older (hmmm...) and now that I know how to blog (sigh...) I want to share the question with you guys...
Can you stop for a while dropping cards?
How much do you know yourselves? And do you think, at this certain point of your life... you can say that you are proud to be you?


Cecilia Sherrard said...

I think we're always growing, learning and bettering ourselves. Along the way, (sometime after 30) we may start to regress or start to question our next step... I'm constantly changing. I've learned to embrace and work on my flaws as I have many.

I'm happy about where I am now as I've achieved already almost all my goals... I'm struggling with the next set to keep me from boredom...

It's something to think about though. Thanks for the mind break.

val said...

I am happy to be me, proud (in a good way). ;) I think that what we learn in life will help us learn more about ourselves. Well, I have lived to be me for more than 20 years now, I think I know myself pretty well.. but I am still excited to learn more about me everyday.