Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fans and accessories

I remember visiting with one of my friend's house, I was really amazed with their house design. The color, design, decorations even the appliances seems to blend well. All of their appliances and things seems to be in the right place. It looks elegant. I wonder how they manage to do it. I have been into my other friend's house... but the house seems to be a lot different from the rest...a lot better.
Out of curiosity, I asked my friend who design the house. She told me that her mother was the one. One of the main attraction in their house that for me blends perfectly is their dining area. The design and decoration is perfect. One that captured my attention is their ceiling fan and the table setting. It looks majestic. Her mother told me that the design of the ceiling fan really adds character in the house if properly chosen.
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