Sunday, March 22, 2009

When enough is enough

I know most of us, in one way or another...reached the point that they almost give up. It may be for a dream, for someone you love or for something that you hope to have. Having the guts to pursue is always a good perspective, but when is enough, enough?

For how long you should embrace something that you always wanted but far from reach? How will you know when to change course, move away and never look back?

It is most of the time difficult. It will never be easy. But the truth is... if things are always meant to be, then there would be great pain for all of us.


Jan said...

If I started something new I don't really give up easily. I will do everything to survive and if I still failed then I will look for other options. Goodluck!!

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Ninah said...

Well, I guess it really is hard to tell when enough is enough. You never really know until you have nothing left to give.