Saturday, January 26, 2008

TIPS: A more romantic relationship (Valentines edition)

Valentines is about to come. For a newly wed lover... that would be really a very exciting day. For couples in a not so old relationship... hmmm... it is something special. But for the married couple out there who have been spending their life together for 5 years and up... well.... most if not all... Valentines day is just an ordinary day.

I know that during the 5th year or more of marriages... marriage seems to be an ordinary thing. During that time, youalready discover the good and bad sides of each other. He snores loud while he sleep... She hides a lot of 25 cents (scars... ;) ) in her legs... Here comes the electric bill, water bill, telephone bill, internet bill, kid's tuition fees etc... Things came rushing to your life...All natural.. but then you realize... that love is no longer enough. You have kids to send to school... bills to pay... a house to clean, clothes to wash.. and so on and so forth. Romance lost its glow. With all the things that you both have to accomplish... I wonder if you still say I love you before going to sleep... or receive a good night kiss...
Ordinary isn't it?

Who says that life should be that ordinary? I'm not... and so should you! Married life doesnt have to be a burden to both couples. No matter how long the marriage is... it is important that you can still feel the beat of his/her heart.

Here are some tips to remember for the Valentines day:

1. Just before you go to your office... a quick kiss in the lips will make him/her smile for sure. He/She would surely give it a second thought. (What is that for...hmmm) But for sure he/she will feel loved once more. Soon he/she will realize that its Valentines day.

2. As you are spraying yourself with your favorite cologne or perfume... why not spray a bit of it in his/her pillow. As soon as he/she smell your scent... he/she will think of you.

3. You can put a picture of you together in his/her pocket or wallet... whatever that he/she opens more often.

4. You can set aside with the meal that you plan to cook for dinner. Instead you can cook a special meal for him/her. Do not forget to put off the lights... and lit a candle... for a more romantic effect.

5. While waiting for him/her top come home... you can look for a DVD tape to watch together. A bowl full of kisses chocolates will make it more romantic.

6. Out of nowhere... look into his/her eyes... and tell him/her that he/she always swept your heart away...from the moment you got married until today.

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