Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The wonder of having mailbox

One of the main reason why I hate receiving snail mail... is I have to wait for the postman to arrive. Because sometimes, the postman leave the letters or mail in the neighbor if I am not around. I have experienced it years ago... When I was about to enter college, I took the entrance exam. And the result would be sent through mail. Unfortunately, I was not at home when it arrive. The postman decided to leave it in the neighbor... too bad the neighbor forgot giving it to me. Luckily, I have drop by once in the school to see the result... they told me that I passed and they have sent the result. After a month, my neighbor hand it to me and apologize.
I think things like that would be avoided if we have mail box at home. The postman would simply drop it there... hassle free. I dont know why my mom did not provide anything like that in our gate. I have seen a lot of residential mailbox in the neighborhood...and I think they benefit a lot from them. Even in the modern technology, I still see lots of establishment with commercial mailbox. I think they are using it as a receiver for some documents like application forms of their applicants so they don't have to deal with them personally in receiving their application form.

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