Thursday, November 29, 2007

BEAUTY: how to have a pouty lips

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1. Lip Plumper
First, rub your lips with a wet towel for a minute to make it soft. If you dont have the pouty lips that you always dream to have then you can just use a good lip plumper. It is a temporary way to have one. Though your lips may only stay plumped from 2 to 4 hours, it is well worth the try. No surgery, no needles loaded with collagen to get the pouty look. There are lots of lip plumpers at your drug store. Most major cosmetic lines at the major department stores also carry great lip plumpers. These temporary treatments apply like a lip gloss and sting like a bee. It really works.
2. Lip Liner or pencil
You dont have to do what Pamela Anderson Lee lips look with the use of dark outline of lip pencil in your lips, but a lip pencil will be a great way of having an instant fuller lips. Choose a lip pencil that the color is similar in shade to your real lips. Gently outline the outer part around your lips and then color in your real lips as well. Then apply a light colored lip pencil and highlight the top middle portion of your lower lip to create a light highlight. Now, put your lip gloss or sheer lipstick on over the highlighted area for a full pouty look. After you have applied the skin colored lip pencil, then put on some shine. Gloss always makes even the thinnest of lips way more full, pouty and luscious. You can apply a clear gloss over the lip pencil or purchase one that already has some pigmented color in it. I love to put on some regular old lipstick in a good color and then top it off with some shiny gloss. This will give your lips and instant three dimensional look.
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