Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank you!

With my last post, I've given you the information about what happened here in Aklan during typhoon Frank. After almost two months after Frank, how is Aklan now?
Well, as of now... things are slowly going back to normal. With the help of MMDA mercy mission, and other volunteers... mud in Kalibo and all over the province is now gone. Akelco (electricity provider) already restored its service all over the province. Mercury drugstores are now open. Banks and ATM are already accessible. Although there are some owners of business establishment here decided to permanently closed their business, many still strive to keep on going.
WE have received a lot of help from volunteers and organization here and around the world. From food, medicine, clothings, medical mission, books and school supplies... and many more. Those people who never get tired of helping us make it through. I don't know them personally, but I have witnessed how they tried  to reach us.This is just my way of thanking you. We may not  personally repay your good deeds... but you are all in our prayers and I know somewhere along the way... it will all be paid.


Marie said...

Glad to hear that things in Aklan is being restored and slowly getting back to normal.
Here's hoping things will be ok from here on.

Ken said...

Basta mayad eon kamo ... hay padayon ro blogging ron!

karen said...

good to know everything's ok

indocontest said...

Glad to hear everything is being OK!