Thursday, May 15, 2008

Star is born

I am a very ordinary person. Nothing special in me... I am not pretty, nor sexy. I think you have an idea of how I look. I sometimes imagine that I am an aspiring star...and went dowen to the realization that I rather stay this way. Why? You want to know? Let me tell you my script from wanna be to somebody to nobody!
With my looks... I'm telling you, it won't be hard to imagine this scenario. After all, I believe that we are badly in need of a good version of a horror character.

"Who is lucky_witch?"

This is the starting point of everything in the fame-industry. I have to make my name be seen in the "Cast of Characters" area of a movie. Even if my role is that of a costume of an funny-idiot witch looking that get smashed at the opening scene of the movie. Funny, but its a good start... just think of what the starting roles of the biggest stars today during their "noname" years...

"I'm in!"

This time, the scene would be very appealing to me. As I am cleaning the house , somebody will knock on my door...and announce that there is a large company who is making a big project and want me to be the star! In an instant, you copuld see my name and pictures in the largest billboard across every highway that you pass by. My fans club is no longer headed by my mom and other family members. My price is getting higher and higher and I am receiving calls from different company wanting me to promote their products. Everywhere I go... I hear people screaming my name!

"I'm hot!"

This time, everybody is imitating my fashion! A lot of impersonator is impersonating me. Everywhere I go... people notice me. People are always updated by my life and schedules. I'm on the top of everything!

"Another star is born"

But as I enjoy my fame...I hardly notice that another star is following my way.... a lot younger, a lot bolder, a lot sexier. Directors and movie producer wanting to get her in their company. Im loosing my name... my price is name is no longer in the starring section...and the crowd who screams my name are the one screaming her name now...

Scene #5
"A former star..."

I meet some of my loyal fans before together with their grandchildren... and their grandchildren will look at me quizzically as if I am one of a unknown specimen being surveyed and studied.

I am nobody now.
Never go after fame...
its temporary...

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havenlei said...

Nice and entertaining!