Saturday, May 17, 2008

The other side of technology

Today, our generation has improved a lot. With a high-tech gadgets all over the place, snail mail replaced by instant communication, and the long kitchen hours of preparing meals replaced by instant microwave-prepared meals, old way of living has considerably taken a back seat.

In some ways, it is good... in some it is not. Kids nowadays, prefer to indulge in computer games and video arcade, search the internet rather than reading books and visiting libraries. They spend several hours playing computer games rather than engaging in sports that involve generalized physical activity.

Even in adults... Technology changed the way in almost everything. From love letters to text messages, from courting to online dating and so on...

We could say that though there are lots of good benefits from the technology today, still not using it wisely made it a little bit fearful. I am not claiming that we should devolve out technology...I am also not saying that technologies and its innovations are the culprit. Neither am I saying that modern technology has turned us into unhealthy, useless imbeciles. What I am trying to point out is lots of people are not disciplined enough to cope with the demands brought by this generation's lifestyle.

We cannot blame technology for all the negative results. Though we should maximize the potential of modern technology to our ultimate advantage. We should always remember that technology is developed with the purpose of making our lives easier to manage. It has never been designed to enslave or to incapacitate us whatsoever. No matter how good the technology is... human should always be on top on how it is going to be used. It is there for us to use, to learn from, to bridge communication, and to improve our living conditions. Thus, we ought to implement effective ways in utilizing it to our utmost advantage.

Not until we have overcome our unhealthy dependence on the technological advancements brought by this age can we rightfully claim that we are their masters. We can only say such when we are truly capable of utilizing them to our complete advantage, nothing less. We should realize it now, just before our children inherit our unhealthy dependence and made themselves worthless than we could ever imagine.


Maldives Live said...

We are very happy with new technology. We should improve the technology for our children as well.

Indra said...

Nice article and I agree, technology changed the way in almost everything.

Jeflin said...

We must conquer our fear of technology. It is there to help us and not to make our life more miserable.